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Interview with Chelsea Camaron my friend and bestselling author of the Daddys Girls Series @chelseacamaron

So, I started reading this interview and was swooning over the hot boys when I read my name. I almost fell off my seat. What an honor to have an author that I respect and admire mention my work. ***Sigh...

Who is your favorite author and is your writing style similar to theirs? Kristen Ashley is my favorite author........I wish I wrote more like her but no I don't.  She writes a story that pulls you and holds you there with a strong female and even stronger alpha male. 
TOTALLY agree I just finished Raid and that is another Alpha Male. She is the epitome of that type of character.
 Were you always good at writing?   No, and although I'd like to think with each book I've improved since practice does make perfect there are times I'm like "that made no sense at all". I agree I have taken years to become the bitch that stands before you today! 
 So you didn't always dream of becoming an author? No.  It was something I said I wanted to do as a little girl, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever have the courage to follow through with it.
When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning? sometimes a baby whose middle name is Renee??
Who is your writing geared to? Adult women who like a level of steam to their reads but want a relatable storyline 
What is the major theme for your work?  In the Daddy's Girls Series the recurring theme are the guys being mechanics and the characters facing and overcoming real life circumstances. 
What recent book left a big impression and why? Chasing Stars by L. Duarte is one of my most recent reads that I admire.  Its different, its not your typical angst filled, over the top drama.  Its full of love, faith, change, growth, and friendship.  
I agree. I liked the fact that Will had come from a background of neglect and his foster parent gave him values. I think that should be the focal point. He held onto his Dad's faith.  
Have you had any personal life experiences in your books? There are parts of my personal life in each one of my works.  I think you write best what you know. 
I was hoping I would get this : "Yes I have! His name is Harrison. He has piercings and that is all I will say" I smile with an evil grin.
What genre of books do you like to read? I love to read erotica and contemporary romance.  I will read in any genre and love a good mystery as well 
Who would you co-write with?  I would love to work with Melody Anne she writes amazing series and the way she ties them in together is phenomenal (Amazon) 
How do you get started with writing a story ? Usually a thought will hit me in chats with my girlfriends and then I begin by outlining a plot. 
maybe looking at idea of Matt 
Any advice for a newbie ? 
Take a break, don't pressure yourself.  I think when writers start forcing their stories it begins to feel rushed.  Step away for a day or so and then go back and read what you've done from the beginning and see if inspiration returns.  If not, take a longer break, but don't force what's not speaking to you. 
What's your favorite part of a book? (Harrison and more Harrison)  My favorite part of a book........angst or banter between characters (mine was Jake, Ryder and Harrison, but overall was Harrison. I think I made that clear)
Where do your plots come from? 
I've always loved to read.  I grew up around cars and motorcycles since my dad's a mechanic I've been turning wrenches beside him as far back as I remember.  We were at a car show one day last year and I said it would be different to find a steamy read with classic cars in it.  And from their little parts of my life added in and the stories evolved into what is now the Daddy's Girls series.

YUP I get screwed I get him

but it is him I NEED
 What I need to do is call Ryder, 
Jake anyone who is like this
or even 
What story is based on your life more? Restore My Heart is based on my own experience in an abusive relationship.  Salvaged is based on my experience in being around someone with a drug addiction.  Full Throttle is based on real relationship things that happen in long term relationships married or not.  Beyond Repair is dedicated to my dear friend Matt who passed away in 2001 parts of it were really conversations we had and the funeral is his military funeral, minus the drama that's added in the book.  Of course parts of the stories are exaggerated and parts completely made up but the foundation and point I'm trying to relay in each book is from my real life. 
Was it sort of therapeutic to write about Matt? I know that was emotional, almost as bad as Salvaged, for me as a reader.
Yes it was more therapeutic then I originally thought to write about Matt. He was my now husbands best friend in high school. We were friends as well. I had gotten out of a bad relationship thanks to support from my now hubs and Matt as well as the real life Maggie who is still my very best friend. I was hardened and quite bitchy like Tiffany. The conversation where Matt tells Tiffany, "Let him love you." were a few of the last words Matt ever spoke to me, as he had to return to his duty station in Florida. Six weeks later we got the call he died.  May 3rd was 12 years and I'd be lying if I said it gets easier. The loss cuts deep but you learn to go on without being able to pick up the phone and call your friend. Writing those scenes it took me back to those moments, hard as they were to write, I feel at peace more than ever before. I feel like in some way in writing it all I proved to myself and Matt that I could let my guard down and let him love me. My husband and I have been married eleven and half years now and I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else. He loves me completely and I'm one happy girl. I only hope that as readers get to those moments they can feel the emotion come out that my dear Matt just like in the book only wanted to see his friend happy, safe, and loved.

Thanks for dealing my sometimes annoying behavior and always annoying innuendos
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